Sunday, January 09, 2005

CRN | News | Borman In Hot Seat

CRN | News | Borman In Hot Seat: "While IBM wants to entrench more of its software stack in any given account, customers are unlikely to discard rival infrastructure that works. Partners say that while IBM has customers for its Lotus, WebSphere and Tivoli brands, most of them use just one or two products. There aren't many companies that use Domino groupware, Tivoli systems management and WebSphere application servers together, for example.
It does not help that these products, resulting from acquisitions, overlap. Lotus caused a stir when it said it would replace the venerable Notes Storage Facility (NSF) with a DB2-based relational store and swap out native Domino capabilities for J2EE functions. That statement blurred the line between WebSphere and Domino, and company executives have spent much of the past two years trying to clear up the confusion. "

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