Thursday, May 26, 2005

NEVER : U.S., Mexico Spar Over Illegal Gun Trafficking

NPR : U.S., Mexico Spar Over Illegal Gun Trafficking: "Morning Edition, May 26, 2005 � The flow of illegal guns from the United States to Mexico is growing. Mexico makes it extremely difficult to buy a gun legally, and the government is unhappy that Washington has done little to stop gun smuggling, even as U.S. officials press Mexico to stem drug trade between the two countries."

I listened to this story on my drive to work this morning. This is outrageous. Given all the emphasis of the Bush administration on the global fight against terror and how other countries around the world should help ('be with us or against us') - it's unbelievable how little the U.S. is willing to do to protect their own people - cut down on weapon smuggling from the U.S. into Mexico so that drug dealers have less power to drive their business of drug trade into the U.S. - when it comes to standing up against the weapon lobby, NRA etc.

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