Monday, March 06, 2006

BPMS, new role & modeling tools

I agree with Barry about the emerging business role of a "process professional". I also find the next paragraph in the BPTrends column noteworthy about the need to first really understand your processes well before working on their automation. Sounds like the old 'garbage in - garbage out' phenomenon:

What is certain is that any automation solution, be it BPMS, SOA
or ERP, only works well if it is used in support of an optimized,
efficient business process. If you install ERP or SOA before you
improve your process you simply make them one more part of
the problem you face. Thus, it is not surprising that many
organizations are embracing the analysis and redesign aspects
of BPM without rushing into BPMS solutions. Companies are
using business modeling tools and process redesign
methodologies to improve and consolidate business processes
before undertaking the automation of those processes.

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