Saturday, April 22, 2006

Tell 'em how to fish ...

Last night I got home and my kids were awaiting me in front of the door. They sent me into the house and instructed me to be ready to come out again when they called me - not before; they would have a surprise for me.

When I get called out again, I recognized my four year old proudly riding his bike by himself for the first time and even more proudly seeing his eight-year old sister running next to him. She had tought him how to ride his bike and this was the first time that he managed to keep the balance. - I did not have to put any training wheels onto his bike for him at all.

It was one of my better moments as a parent whitnessing one child being proud about his acomplishment. Even better, when the other child - my daughter - has learned how satisfying it is to not only have learned such a thing herself, but seeing her little brother succeed because of her coaching.

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