Saturday, January 20, 2007

Pauline jumps

Today we took our daughter's friends to the Jumpinn to celebrate her recent 9th birthday. Looks like the kids had good fun.

The only hick-up was on the way from our home to the facility: I loaded my car with kids and took of, followed by a couple of other parents that did the same. We were wondering where my wife was and the load of kids that she was supposed to drive over. As it turns out the battery of her car decided that this was a good opportunity to go on strike ...

Some of the kids had some slight injury calling for a short time out - fortunately, nothing serious - and they were all happy when we left. I guess we can really recommend this place. Looks like that wasn't really necessary. Paulien will return to the Jumpinn in a couple of weeks when one of her friends who was with us today celebrates her birthday over there as well.

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