Saturday, October 20, 2007

Leaking an internal project codename ...

Some folks at SAP have strong reservations - should we even call it paranoia? - against us referring about a new product in development by its internal codename when talking to our customers and partners.

A couple of weeks ago during SAP TechEd 07 Las Vegas, this led to a rather funny situation. My pal Thomas and I were meeting with a group of customers and started talking about our new BPM product that we are working on. After a while one of the customers asked: "Do you mean the project 'Galaxy'?"

This past week, my boss just leaked the codename as part of introducing our product during his keynote presentation at the TechEd 07 Munich. Later, during a press & analyst 1:1 he has also provided a little more background info about the codename which made it onto one of the German websites:

heise online - SAP gibt erstmals Software an Eclipse Foundation: "Netweaver CE soll im kommenden Jahr noch ein BPMN-Modellierungstool (Galaxy) einschließlich Ablaufumgebung erhalten. Der Name ist eine kleine Verneigung vor Douglas Adam und dessen 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy'."

Life can be so much easier if we can all talk about this new thing and call it by the same name!

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