Saturday, January 05, 2008

Will BPM help fighting back a recession and increasing trust in 2008?

Conventional wisdom tells that companies could rather be expected to invest in new IT tools and concepts such as BPM when their budgets are on expansion during an economic uptake. Let's see whether Louis Columbus prediction turns out right that BPM will help spending the marketing funs more wisely. I certainly would hope so!
4. Channel management apps add the ability to audit marketing strategies past the department to the role level. There's an interesting undercurrent in many marketing departments regarding the use of marketing audits to evaluate the performance of initiatives, strategies and programs.
As BPM (business process management) apps become more pervasive, their use in customer-facing strategies will significantly increase. Chief marketing officers are seeking solutions to tying together process performance to marketing strategy results, so the question can be answered "So is the process or the strategy more or less effective and why?" An economic downturn would just hasten this happening as accountability will go up fast.
CRM News: Business Intelligence: Predictions 2008: Fighting Back a Recession and Increasing Trust

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