Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Google: Is the search party over?

FORTUNE Magazine: Table of Contents - CNNMoney.com: "COVER STORY
Google: The search party is over
The company is still growing at rates others would kill for. But its core business is slowing, and its stock is down. Can Google find its footing in this brave new world? By Michael V. Copeland, with Seth Weintraub"

I found this one of the more interesting quotes from this article:

"And what if you don't even have a question to pose? What if you just need help? Consider the case of American graduate student James Buck. Egyptian police detained Buck for taking photographs of a protest in a city outside Cairo. Using his cellphone and his Twitter account, Buck broadcast a single word, "arrested." Buck's network alerted officials at the University of California at Berkeley, who ultimately got the U.S. State Department and a local lawyer involved. Buck was out of jail in 24 hours. Try that with a keyword search."

It seems a little like an unfair comparison, however, it illustrates nicely that mostly automated search results can only do so and so much when it comes to reaching the same level of interpersonal trust, significance and actionability that can be reached by human driven albeit - technology supported - communication. 

Another case in point:

"McCue was an early Netscape guy, and he recently launched tablet software company Flipboard, which takes all your Facebook updates, your Twitter feeds, all the news sites you like and subscribe to, and in a very elegant way publishes a constantly updated magazine of text, photos, and video. "There is no need to do a search," McCue says. "We almost view it as a bug if we have the user search for something."

Anyhow, I found the article well worth reading - even though it really seems odd for most mere mortals looking down on a company that is expected to grow by only 15% over the next years. Anyway, it's quite interesting following the intense discussion on this topic here:

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