Saturday, March 19, 2011

SAP BPM Update « BPMS Watch

SAP BPM Update « BPMS Watch:
As usual - Bruce hits the nail on the top:
"Connecting the Suite to BPM is the key theme of v7.3. And it gets better. A new feature called Business Process Library (BPL) – this is post-7.3, but not that far off – can essentially introspect the core processes embedded in the Suite apps themselves and expose them as BPMN 2.0 processes! Simply documenting those embedded processes automatically is a huge benefit, but you can also use BPL to extend those processes. For example, you could insert a new subprocess in the middle of the standard flow that calls a user-defined NetWeaver BPM process. You could always do something like that with lots of programming, but this is much faster and less costly. I’m not sure SAP’s professional services guys are happy about this, but customers definitely will be."
The goal of the Business Process Library was exactly this to provide a holistic and consistent view of the entire business process regardless of the execution environment - be it the transactions executed within the applications that constitute processes elements or the extension of such application processes via NetWeaver BPM based on the model-to-execute paradigm where the BPMN diagram define the actual system behavior as executed by the BPM engine. The key point it that now the partners and customer of SAP have one way to view, explore and understand and rationalize the process from start to end.

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