Monday, December 25, 2006

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas ...

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When I upgraded my weblog on to the "New Blogger" the BlogThis! button on my Google toolbar stopped working for me. After some trouble, I was able to sign into my Google account - but the marked text on a given website that I wanted to quote plus the link to the website never showed up like it used to under the old blogger.

The Performancing tool fixed this for me. Even a picture made it very nicely and without any problem.

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Rauchverbot: In New York sterben weniger Leute!

Rauchverbot: In New York sterben weniger Leute - Panorama - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Nachrichten

New York - Die Einführung des allgemeinen Rauchverbotes in New Yorker Restaurants und Büros wirkt sich nach Angaben der örtlichen Gesundheitsbehörde heilsam auf die Gesundheit der Bewohner der Metropole aus.

Rauchen an der Bar (wie hier in Washington D.C.) ist in New York längst nicht mehr erlaubt

Rauchen an der Bar (wie hier in Washington D.C.) ist in New York längst nicht mehr erlaubt
Laut einem gestern veröffentlichten Bericht des Amtes sank die Zahl der mit Nikotinkonsum zusammenhängenden Todesfälle von 9000 im Jahr 2001 auf 8100 im vergangenen Jahr.

Vor allem Herzkrankheiten seien zurückgegangen, hieß es. Die positiven Auswirkungen des Rauchverbotes auf Krankheiten wie Lungen- und Bronchienkrebs würden erst in größeren Zeitabständen sichtbar.

Viele New Yorker verzichteten gänzlich auf Zigaretten. Im Vergleich zu 2002 ging die Zahl der Raucher um 200.000 zurück. Der New Yorker Bürgermeister Michael Bloomberg hatte 2003 eines der strengsten Rauchverbote weltweit eingeführt. Es gilt für alle öffentlichen Plätze wie Bars und Restaurants, aber auch Büros.

In Deutschland diskutieren wir noch ewig über die Notwendigkeit für ein Rauchverbot. In anderen Ländern gibt es schon Ergebnisse - nicht nur in Form von entsprechenden Gesetzen!

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Thursday, December 07, 2006

How to blow up a 100 Million+ user base

"I remember when I worked at IBM, Steve Mills, the VP in charge of all of IBM software and one of the largest software businesses in the world, he came to Iris to tell us about IBM's great plans for Lotus Notes and us former Iris employees working on it. He actually said we were the “user experience” people, and the other groups at IBM (like DB2 and Websphere) were the heavy lifting, back-end people.

He couldn’t have gotten it more wrong."

I suppose I wasn't with Lotus/IBM any more when Steve made these statements. Anyhow, how IBM Software Group managed to throw away the lead in the Notes/Domino vs. Exchange race and offend many people in its huge installed base about its future strategy (Domino vs. Websphere) still boggles my mind to this date. A textbook case for how an exec that doesn't need input from people working on a product for ages and manages to get a software business of the tracks.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Mini-Microsoft: Limited Round-Up, New Souls, and Old Problems

Having had the pleasure of working in Redmond for quite a while, I fully agree with Mini:
Mini-Microsoft: Limited Round-Up, New Souls, and Old Problems: "what if we had unbalanced differentiated rewards: keep the high-end and drop the low-end? Continue to reward the super-contributors and people who obviously committed a lot of time and effort to get excellent results far beyond their peers. But drop the hunt for finding the Kims of the workforce. More time goes into protecting people who are solid contributors but at risk of getting zero or mediocre rewards. Why? Because we have a statistical need, it seems, to ensure somebody gets zilch. Because surely there are a batch of people in your team deserving of zilch. Don't make us statistically decide that people deserve the zilch. But reward groups who move on the obvious zilchie deadwood, Microsoft-mismatches, and low-contributors through-out the year. Otherwise, we'll continue keeping them around to ensure the bottom is properly zilch-padded."

vowe dot net :: Kasper

vowe dot net :: Kasper: "Rauchen ist Ok, solang keine andere mitrauchen muss, und die Gesundheitsfolgen von der Raucher selbst getragen wird."

Damit hat Tomas den Nagel auf den Kopf getroffen!