Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Local News | More snow, then rain, to be followed by possible urban flooding | Seattle Times Newspaper

Our kids are eagerly waiting for some snow here in the Heidelberg area. We just noticed today that in our previous home area in Seattle there's probably be more than enough:
"We're likely going to see more snow tonight, and when things warm up later this week, there's a good chance of urban flooding as rain and melting snow overwhelm clogged or frozen storm drains"

wisest German

Germany's popular leader: Helmut Schmidt turns 90

Helmut Schmidt is a truly remarkable person and leader.
Unbelievable - where does he take his energy from to work still as hard as he does at his age?

Sunday, December 07, 2008

English-challenged President Bush speaks with forked tongue

English-challenged President Bush speaks with forked tongue:
"While it is understandable that a commander in chief would not want to appear weak in the middle of a war, there are ways to defend and lead the nation while acknowledging the hard truth. To say otherwise is to believe the only way to lead is to mislead."
What went wrong after the war that went wrong ...