Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Borland Software Delivery Platform Boosts Collaboration

Borland Software Delivery Platform Boosts Collaboration: "Last month Borland acquired TeraQuest Metrics Inc., an Austin, Texas, process optimization consulting firm, and made its co-founder, Bill Curtis, co-author of the software Capability Maturity Model, Borland's first chief process officer.
Chris Barbin, Borland's senior vice president of worldwide services, said the process component TeraQuest brought to Borland's SDO focus will help customers better align teams, processes and technology in the software lifecycle.
Barbin said the acquisition 'rounds out the capabilities of our SDO vision and evolves the ALM story to drive the software delivery process. To achieve that we had to have process capability.'
Barbin said Curtis' role within the company is 'to work directly with our product groups and continue to drive our product strategy with process-centric thinking.' "
For us business process nerds that sounds like good progress.

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