Friday, March 11, 2005

Microsoft acquires Groove

"My guess is that Groove's integration in the MS Windows desktop will accelerate the collaboration market, and start a fruitful competition in this important IT-segment."
Valuable insight. However, I would push back about this very last point made in this comment:
"Apropos document based: I am not aware of a more powerful e-editor than the native editor "Notes-networks" would have. This is not a paper editor Groove is confined to with MS Word. The documents created with "Notes-Networks" native editor are even open for integration with corporate data (vision for "Notes-networks" Rel-7: could you please include this NSFDB2 DAV-table in your departmental application that we can tap your data easily for our transaction systems. YesSir - 15 minutes later)."

“Office Information Bridge” provides exactly that corporate data awareness for Office documents already today.
more info about IW Bridge

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